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Oregon Diploma Background

Oregon has joined with 35 other states to form the American Diploma Project Network — a coalition of states committed to aligning high school standards, assessments, graduation requirements and accountability systems with the demands of college and the workplace. The American Diploma Project (ADP) is a partnership of Achieve, The Education Trust and the Thomas B. Fordham Foundation. To find out more about ADP visit

The new requirements adopted by the State Board of Education are designed to better prepare each student for success in college, work, and citizenship. We need to ensure that our high school graduates are ready to compete in a global economy. Colleges and employers need high school graduates who are fully prepared for the challenges of college-level courses and the modern workplace. Whether graduates head into college, technical training or directly into the workforce, they need a high level of skills to be successful.

Throughout the decision making process, the State Board reached out to stakeholders for feedback and suggestions. Educators, school board members, students, parents, business leaders, community members - all had the opportunity to weigh in and provide feedback on the Board's decision making process. Over 300 school and community meetings were held around the state to discuss these changes and over 7000 Oregonians completed surveys or provided written feedback on the changes. All of this feedback was instrumental in the Board's final decisions.

  • Diploma Guiding Principles
  • Diploma Requirements - State Board Decision Paper
  • Diploma Implementation Task Forces: To ensure successful implementation of the new diploma requirements the Board engaged stakeholders and practitioners by convening implementation task forces. These task forces, established by the Department of Education, addressed issues concerning the new diploma and have made recommendations to the State Board and the Department regarding the diploma.
  • Bibliography of Diploma Research
  • The State Board of Education asked Oregonians to respond to a survey on proposed high school diploma changes. They received over 5,000 completed surveys from all around the state. The survey results helped to inform the State Board’s decision. Diploma Survey Results upon request.
  • The Summit held in Salem on March 17, 2009 brought together key leaders and stakeholders from multiple sectors to collaborate on action plans that support and strengthen implementation of the diploma requirements.

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