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Oregon Diploma - Successful Practices

The intention is that the Oregon Diploma will stand for high standards and will blend the best efforts from the past 15 years under a single, unified degree that is more rigorous and meaningful for all students. Many requirements already in place such as the Education Plan and Profile, Extended Application, and Career-Related Learning Experiences will continue to be part of the diploma.

A number of schools and districts in Oregon already have policies and practices in place around these, and other components of the diploma that are generating success for students. While each program is designed to meet the unique needs of its student population, all can serve as examples for districts seeking guidance.

Closing the Achievement Gap (CTAG)

The Academic Achievement Gap describes the gap in achievement that often exists between low income or minority students and their peers. Each year, schools from around the state are recognized for their outstanding work in closing the achievement gap.

Credit for Proficiency Guidance

Spotlight on Success: What’s Working in Oregon High Schools?

This document is the result of a research study conducted during the 2007-2008 school year. It was designed to tell the stories of selected Oregon high schools that were having some success in implementing innovations and practices, and were making a difference in student’s learning, meeting standards, and feeling connections to their schools.

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