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New Dyslexia Legislation Passed by the 2017 Legislature


SB 1003, passed by the 2017 legislature, was signed by Governor Kate Brown on June 22, 2017. The bill carries forward the dyslexia-related training requirements from SB 612, extending the deadline for completion of the training and includes requirements for districts to universally screen for risk factors of dyslexia in kindergarten. The bill requires the Department to develop guidance for districts regarding instructional support for students who demonstrate risk of reading difficulties, including dyslexia. The Department is also required to submit a report to the legislature related to best practices for screening and instructional support. Specific requirements for districts and the Department include:

Training Requirements:

SB 1003 has extended the deadline for teachers to complete the required dyslexia-related training to July 1, 2018.

Screening Requirements:


The legislation requires that:

  • each school district ensure that every student is screened for risk factors of dyslexia using a screening test identified by the department when the student is first enrolled in a public school in kindergarten (or first grade, if a student is first enrolled in public school for first grade)
  • the screening tests administered to students in kindergarten must include phonological awareness, rapid naming skills, and letter/sound correspondences
  • the screening must take into account family history of difficulty in learning to read IF the student shows risk factors for reading difficulties, including dyslexia
The screening requirements first apply to the 2018-19 school year.

Requirements for the Department:

  • develop guidance regarding best practices for assisting students who are identified through screening or through parental input as showing risk factors for reading difficulties, including dyslexia and make the guidance available to school districts
  • submit a report, including recommendations for legislation, about best practices for screening students for risk factors of dyslexia and instructional support for students who show risk for or who are identified as having dyslexia to the interim committees of the Legislative Assembly related to education by September 15, 2018

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