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Local Interagency Coordinating Councils

LICC Purpose

Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) and Administrative Rules (OARs) require each LICC to "advise and assist" their local EI/ECSE contractor and/or subcontractor on identification of service needs, coordination of service with other agency services, procedures for resolving local disputes, and development of local interagency agreements.

LICC Responsibilities

The LICC is charged with advising and assisting the EI/ECSE contractor and/or subcontractor, who are required to consider advise form the LICC. The LICC should provide a forum in which the contractor and/or subcontractor can gather input from important stakeholders in order for decisions they make related to EI/ECSE services. Similarly, the LICC can also be used as a forum for other local agencies and programs that provide services and supports to children who are eligible for EI/ECSE and their families. See the LICC Manual link below for examples of general topics or issues on which the LICC can advise and assist EI/ECSE programs, for membership requirements, and for other information regarding LICCs.

Resources for LICCs

Oregon's Early Learning System

Oregon Department of Education (ODE)

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