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USDA Department of Defense (DoD) Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program

Welcome to USDA DoD Fresh 

Assorted vegetables

The USDA DoD Fresh Program allows agencies the option to allocate any portion of their USDA Foods entitlement funds towards fresh fruits and vegetables. Agencies place produce orders in FFAVORS (Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Order Receipt System).

The DoD Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), in cooperation with USDA, contracts with a Prime Vendor to deliver the produce in Oregon. Only domestic produce (US grown) may be purchased from the items listed in the catalog. Local products offered from Oregon and neighboring states are also noted in the FFAVORS system.

The FFAVORS system features an easy-to-use ordering website with entitlement funds tracking. The minimum order per site is $150 and they must be placed one week in advance of delivery. Orders must be receipted in FFAVORS within 7 days after delivery to ensure prompt vendor payment by USDA. ODE charges a small per pound fee of $.0275 to cover state administrative costs. These fees will appear in CNPweb along with other USDA Foods related charges.


United Salad Co. in Portland, OR currently services the entire State of Oregon. They have several warehouses throughout Oregon.

Vendor Contact: 

United Salad Co. Website
Point of Contact: Cynthia Long
Telephone: 503-445-8972 or 800-547-5536
Email: Cynthia Long

If you receive damaged or poor quality produce, the following crediting methods can be utilized-
  • Bad product should be rejected at time of delivery to get replacement or credit. 
  • Bad product can be replaced with same/similar product by calling or e-mailing United directly within 48 hours. Pictures should be included and sent to United with a c/c to ODE USDA Foods program.
  • Make adjustments in FFAVORS when receipting (shortages or credit) within seven calendar days to get entitlement back to purchase other items. If product is replaced then no credit in FFAVORS will be allowed during receipting process. United can ask for validation of the bad product if this method is chosen.
  • After seven calendar days there are no allowances for credits.


FFAVORS user login issues and new account access requests can be directed to the regional DoD DLA rep., Tessie Vez.

USDA DoD Fresh Entitlement and Delivery Locations

Entitlement increases to FFAVORS can be sent to ODE through this form link button (not initial, only increases):

USDA DoD Fresh Delivery Location Changes:

Any delivery site additions or changes need to be e-mailed to the ODE USDA Foods Program.

Please include in the e-mail:

  • New site or change to existing site
  • Site name
  • Site address
  • Site contact name, e-mail and phone number
    red grapes

Program Contacts

Chris Facha, USDA Foods Program Administrator
E-mail: Chris Facha Phone: 503-947-5896

Sarah English, USDA Foods Program Coordinator
E-mail: Sarah English Phone: 503-947-5748

Beatrice Cameron, USDA Foods Program Administrative Specialist
E-mail: Beatrice Cameron Phone: 503-400-5245

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