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Cleaning Needles


  1. Use a clean vessel (like a clean cup or rinse cap) with cold, clean water (from a tap or sterile water is best) to rinse the syringe, running (filling and expelling clean water three times (gets blood out). Discard the water you just used to rinse with.
  2. Fill another clean vessel with bleach. Run bleach (full strength) through the syringe three times, filling it up completely each time and keeping the bleach in the syringe for about half a minute (it helps to count to 30) while gently shaking the syringe. Dump out the bleach when you are finished.
  3. Using yet another clean vessel with clean water, again run water through the syringe three times. You can also take the plunger and rinse that too. This is to get all the bleach out. Don't shoot bleach! It will hurt! Dump out the water when you're finished.
  • Don't share injection OR bleaching equipment. Everyone should have their own water, bleach, and vessels when bleaching.
  • Clean spoons and cookers with bleach (best let it soak a few minutes). Split drugs first, do not draw from the same cooker.
  • Never share or re-use cottons or filters. There is NO WAY to make these "safer." They can hang on to HIV, Hep C, and all sorts of other nasties that can give you abscesses, blood poisoning, cotton fever, etc.

Bleaching has not been shown to be effective in controlling the spread of Hep C.

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