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Transition Tools

These resources can provide specific information to assist in the transition of students with disabilities from school to work or to higher education.

  • TAGG Flyer

    Transition Assessment and Goal Generator - A new online transition assessment for high school students with disabilities who plan to be employed and/or enrolled in postsecondary education after graduation.

  • Age Appropriate Transition Assessment Toolkit

    NSTTAC (2013). Age Appropriate Transition Assessment Toolkit Third Edition.
    University of North Carolina at Charlotte, A. R. Walker, L. J. Kortering, C. H. Fowler, D. Rowe, & L. Bethune.

  • Oregon Council on Developmental Disabilities

    Planning My Way to Work - a guide for students with disabilities and their families to help navigate services and community resources on the path from school to work.

  • Transition Planning Checklist for IEP Teams

    Flowchart of IEP Meeting and Transition Planning steps to include in the IEP.