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Fire resource assistance, volunteers and donations

Thank you for your interest and dedication in supporting the wildland fire fighting efforts in our great state of Oregon. We appreciate the outpouring of resource assistance support that has been offered by the residents of Oregon communities, as well as national and international assistance offers during this unprecedented fire season.

Here's how you can help

In order for wildland fire equipment and resources to be utilized by the State of Oregon, resource offerors have several avenues by which to be placed on to ODF's resource listings.

A. An Incident Resource Agreement (IRA) may be completed and submitted by the offeror. ODF will review the submitted information for required compliance and approval. The items listed below will need to accompany the completed IRA.

  • Personal Protective Equipment (depending on type of resource/service offered)
    • Flame resistant pants and shirts, gloves, hard hat, goggles, boots, fire shelter, headlamp, and first aid kit
  • Photographs of the equipment listed, to demonstrate that equipment is in sound condition.
    • A physical or virtual equipment inspection may be conducted by ODF prior to finalizing the agreement.

Please email all documents to You will be contacted once your information is reviewed.

NOTE: If you are currently under an Incident Resource Agreement (IRA) or the regional VIPR agreement, there is no need to complete anything else. You will be contacted as necessary for deployment. Current IRA resources may call the district office where they signed the IRA to advise that their resources are available for statewide use, and not limited to the immediate area only.

B. Trained Firefighters may contact the wildland firefighting training associations in the region. The associations provide guidance on how trained firefighters can be integrated into the system. 

C. Sign up to be a disaster volunteer or to donate: Oregon firefighters have everything they need, however families that have been displaced need support. 

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