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Real ID Communications Toolkit

The type of ID you can use to pass through airport security is changing in October 2021. We need your help to spread the word and make sure Oregonians are prepared. Use this partner toolkit to share information about Real ID and encourage people to visit DMV’s online website to learn more. 

This toolkit includes social media content, email/newsletter content, a downloadable poster and handout, graphics, videos and photos you can use. Please use this content as a guide and make it your own to fit your individual needs. You will also find a fact sheet full of helpful information for writing your own content. Photos and videos are available to download from the ODOT Flickr site

If you have questions, please contact David House at or 503-945-5270.

Use this information to help inform your own unique content about Real ID. These can also be printed and shared with people in your community who want more in-depth information about Real ID and what it means for Oregonians. ​



Start posting/tweeting about Real ID today. We are less than a year away of the Real ID Act being enforced at airports across the nation.

Select and use posts/tweets provided in this toolkit or create your own.

Include photos/graphics and links to​. The website is the best place for Oregonians to learn more about what they can expect in October 2021.

Make sure to use hashtags #RealID and #GetAPassport and #RealIDOregon. 


 Suggested posts/tweets

  • ​Heard about #RealID? The Real ID Act made national standards for state-issued IDs. As of Oct 1, 2021, you may need a new kind of ID to fly. Learn how this change may affect you, & what you'll need:
  • Domestic air travel is changing. Starting Oct 1, 2021, your OR license or ID card won't meet federal standards to get past TSA. You'll need #RealID compliant identification or a passport. You have options. Find out your best #RealIDOregon option at:​​
  • If you’re planning to fly after Oct 1, 2021 it's important to know about new federal ID requirements. You have options! Visit​​ to find out which #RealIDOregon option is best for you.
  • Hey Oregon, we know you like to #explore. As of Oct 1, 2021, your driver license will let you drive a car (still), but it won't meet federal standards for boarding an airplane. Prepare today - #GetAPassport. Need more info? Visit​ for #RealIDOregon options.​
Distribute fliers and display posters at frequently visited places like a building lobby, community centers, schools, large employers or transit centers. ​
Real ID poster Real ID Rack Card

​Do you have a regular newsletter or email that you send? Use the language provided here to easily share the Real ID message with your audience. 

Suggested copy

Starting this year on October 1, 2021 new requirements go into effect that will change what you need to pass through airport security for flights within the U.S. The Transportation Security Administration will require all air travelers to have a form of ID that complies with the Federal Real ID Act. A standard Oregon Driver License or ID card is not compliant, and Oregonians are encouraged to use an alternate form of ID like a passport or passport card. Your standard driver license and ID card will continue to be valid for all other purposes they are today like driving or proof of identity. If you have an Oregon Real ID, indicated by a black star in the corner of your card, then you have what you need to travel in 2021.  

Oregon DMV began issuing compliant cards on July 6, 2020, and does not expect to be able to meet the demand from the public before October. If you have plans to fly shortly after October 2021, it is important to plan ahead and use an alternate form of ID if possible. You will still be able to use these common types of alternate identification to fly after October 1, 2021:  

  • U.S. Passport or Passport Card
  • Foreign Government-Issued Passport
  • U.S. Military ID
  • Permanent Resident Card
  • Federally Recognized Tribal Photo ID

You can learn more about Real ID in Oregon, and determine if you already have what you need, by visiting

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