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The Oregon Department of Transportation Hydraulic Engineering provides expertise, technical support, training and policy in the field of hydrology, hydraulics, culvert stormwater and stream engineering to ensure our roadways provide a safe, effective and efficient movement of people and goods while maintaining the natural movement and treatment of water throughout our watersheds and water bodies.

Hydraulic Engineering Disciplines

Stormwater Management


Water Resources

Guidance Materials

Additional support for specific geo-hydro and environmental needs in the form of:

  • Standard drawings and details,
  • Drafting manuals,
  • CAD standards,
  • ODOT workspace,
  • Example drawings and templates, and
  • Example details.

Contact the Geo-Environmental Section's Drafting Program for information.

What services will a Hydraulic Engineer provide?

​The Hydraulics Program provides the following services:

  • Statewide technical expertise.
  • ​Training.
  • Guidance through standard drawings and manuals.
  • Asset management administration.
  • Statewide Transportation Improvement Program funding management.

​Hydraulics engineering involves:

  • Hydraulic design of highway bridges and culverts.
  • Bridge deck drainage.
  • Fish passage.
  • Large channel designs.
  • Streambank stabilization.
  • Bio-stabilization.
  • Stream restoration.
  • Coastal engineering.
  • Complex energy dissipaters.
  • Floodplain hydraulics and documentation.
  • Pump stations.
  • Control structures, such as tide gates and weirs.
  • Temporary water management.
  • Structural scour and erosion protection designs.
  • Stormwater quality designs.
  • Stormwater control facilities, such as detention and retention.
  • Storm drain system designs.​

Contact the Geo-Environmental Section

4040 Fairview Industrial Drive SE, MS 6
Salem, Oregon 97302
Phone: 503-986-3252
Fax: 503-986-3249

Program Contacts


Phone: 503-986-3365