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Strategic Action Plan Outcomes


These 10 outcomes make measurable progress toward achieving our strategic priorities. The following is a snapshot in time of our progress (updated 12/26/2023). Use the "learn more" link to get more information about each outcome or download the ODOT Strategic Action Plan, which explains each outcome in greater detail.

Latest progress report

Our new plan will be coming out later this year. We'll also have a new dashboard.

About the Symbols

On track symbol On track: We're working towards the outcome and things are running smoothly. We're on track to achieve the outcome by the 2023 deadline.

Baseline symbol Needs improvement: We're working towards the outcome, but some parts are lagging behind others. We need to make adjustments in order to get back on track to achieve the outcome by the 2023 deadline.

Milestone reset: Our work hit a roadblock and we will not be able to reach our original deadline. We’re evaluating our approach and setting new, realistic deadlines.  

Increase Our Workforce Diversity

needs improvement icon
Build a workforce that reflects the communities we serve. The work on this outcome needs improvementLearn more 

Reduce Our Carbon Footprint

on target
Use new technologies and best practices to reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions from our work. The work on this outcome is on trackLearn more 

Reduce Congestion in the Portland area

needs improvement icon
Ensure the movement of people, goods and services is safe and efficient through Portland. This outcome needs improvement.

Implement Large-scale Road Use Charging

needs improvement icon
Establish a road use charging program to secure a stable revenue stream and offset failing fuel tax revenue. The work on this outcome needs improvementLearn more 

Implement Social Equity Engagement Toolkit

needs improvement icon 
Ensure our community engagement efforts consider the needs, wants and challenges of Oregonians. The work on this outcome needs improvementLearn more

Improve Access to Active and Public Transportation

needs improvement 
Provide more options for walking, biking and public transit to Oregonians. The work on this outcome needs improvementLearn more

More Money to Historically Underused Businesses

needs improvement icon
Invest equitably in the local economy by increasing opportunities for Oregon's black, indigenous, people of color, and women owned businesses. This outcome needs improvement.  Learn more 

Electrify Oregon's Transportation System

Making progres
Support the growing number of electric vehicles on our roads through a modern, widespread EV charging network. This outcome is needs improvement. Learn more 

Achieve Sufficient Funding

on track
Secure reliable funding streams for Oregon's transportation system in the wake of changing technology and new driving habits. This outcome needs improvement. Learn more 

Implement Transformative Technologies

needs improvement
Use the latest transportation technologies to ready our system for growing communities, increased commerce and the effects of climate change. The work on this outcome is on trackLearn more 

About this dashboard

This dashboard reflects an agency strategic action plan focused on continuous improvement. As our plan and ways to measure improvement evolve, the measures may change to reflect that work. For questions about this dashboard, or to provide feedback email us.