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Oregon Public Transportation Plan Policy Advisory Committee

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A Policy Advisory Committee, or PAC, is appointed by the Oregon Department of Transportation Director, Matthew Garrett, and led by the Oregon Transportation Commission. Former commissioner David Lohman is guiding development of the Oregon Public Transportation Plan. PAC members represent diverse stakeholders from around the state. The PAC helps develop a balanced plan that represents the whole state.

PAC agendas and other meeting materials will be available here prior to each meeting. Each meeting will include a period for public comment. Written public comment can also be submitted through ODOT staff.

At the end of the development process the PAC will make a recommendation to the OTC on adoption of the OPTP. The OTC is the governing body that adopts the final plan. The OPTP then becomes a modal element of the Oregon Transportation Plan.

PAC Recommended Resources

The following have been recommended by PAC members to help inform PAC discussions; they are listed here as a resource for PAC members, but this listing does not imply endorsement by ODOT. Articles should be closely related to Plan development activities and inform the discussion of the group. Reading of the material is optional for PAC members.

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