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Oregon Transportation and Highway Plans Development


ODOT is preparing a statewide Oregon Transportation Plan update, which will replace a version adopted in 2006, and a statewide Oregon Highway Plan update, which will replace a version adopted in 1999. The updates to the Oregon Transportation Plan, or OTP, and Oregon Highway Plan, or OHP will both be developed in consultation with stakeholders representing a variety of transportation interests. Your involvement is a critical part of this process.

Why is ODOT updating these plans now?

ODOT has been continually evolving, along with the transportation sector as a whole, to meet its stated mission of providing a safe and reliable multimodal system that connects people and helps Oregon's communities and economy thrive. The policies and strategies in ODOT’s statewide transportation plans have guided the agency’s decision-making from the difficult period of economic downturn through the enactment of HB 2017 (“Keep Oregon Moving”), the largest infrastructure package in Oregon’s history.  

Looking towards the future, ODOT is considering a range of trends, opportunities and uncertainties, as continual population growth, increasing freight volume, dramatic technological changes, and the threat of climate change impact our communities and the transportation system. The OTP-OHP Updates represent a critical opportunity to guide our strategic decision-making and shape a statewide transportation system that is resilient and that accommodates multiple users with different needs.




 Adam Argo
Project Manager

 Michael Rock
Transportation Planning Unit Manager


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