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Statewide Transportation Strategy

The Oregon Statewide Transportation Strategy, or STS, is a state-level scenario planning effort that examines all aspects of the transportation system, including the movement of people and goods, and identifies a combination of strategies to reduce greenhouse gas, or GHG, emissions. The STS identifies a variety of effective GHG emissions reduction strategies in transportation systems, vehicle and fuel technologies, and urban land use patterns.

The STS was developed as part of the Oregon Sustainable Transportation Initiative program and involved extensive research and technical analysis, as well as policy direction and technical input from local governments, industry representatives, metropolitan planning organizations, state agencies and others. In 2018, the Oregon Transportation Commission adopted an amendment to incorporate the STS as part of the Oregon Transportation Plan.

Statewide Transportation Strategy
Statewide Transportation Strategy Technical Appendices
Statewide Transportation Strategy Executive Summary
STS Frequently Asked Questions

STS Short-Term Implementation Plan

The STS Short-Term Implementation Plan identifies action items for Oregon Department of Transportation to implement in 2-5 years to help move Oregon towards achieving the STS vision.

With a horizon year of 2050, implementing the STS will be an ongoing, long-term process that will likely include the development of mid-term and long-term implementation plans. As such, ODOT remains committed to ongoing stakeholder engagement throughout the implementation process.

STS Short-Term Implementation Plan
Economic Considerations of the STS Short-Term Implementation Plan
STS Summary Sheets

STS Monitoring Report

The STS 2018 Monitoring Report addresses the ODOT led actions contained in the Short-Term Implementation Plan, describes additional emissions reduction efforts by the agency, and provides a summary of progress towards achieving the overall STS vision. The report shows that ODOT is making progress achieving the STS vision within the activities it has authority over. Oregon is well situated for working to implement the STS vision. The existing work of ODOT has created a strong foundation to build on for future planning and implementation actions that reduce transportation sector emissions.

STS 2018 Monitoring Report