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Climate Office

The ODOT Climate Office was formed in recognition of the importance of reducing carbon emissions from transportation and the impacts climate is having on Oregon's transportation system, and therefore the ability to move people and goods in the state. Climate is being added as another critical lens by which ODOT will need to make decisions and investments, balanced alongside other important considerations like equity, safety, and the economy. By forming a Climate Office, ODOT is consolidating efforts into a strategic approach to help Oregon achieve a cleaner transportation future.  

The mission of the ODOT Climate Office is to identify and pursue actions that reduce transportation GHG emissions and the Agency's carbon footprint. The Office is also charged with helping the Agency understand, and begin to prepare for and respond to the impacts of climate and extreme weather.

To accomplish this, the Climate Office will work across ODOT Divisions to educate, develop and institutionalize a climate lens and strategies into the ways the Agency plans for, invests in, builds, manages, maintains, and supports the multi-modal transportation system of Oregon. Staff will also work with other state agencies and local agency partners to find collaborative approaches and solutions, connect with stakeholders, and learn best practices from other states.


Program Areas


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Key Efforts

One of the overall objectives of the Climate Office is to consolidate work and better connect transportation-related climate efforts across the state. There are years of laws, directives, orders, and initiatives that include distinctive work items but that relate to other efforts. Although the goal is to better link these long term, many of the key efforts described below are organized by directive or work item to support the public to more easily find information.

The Climate Office is engaged in a broad array of work but the top five current focus areas include:

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See individual staff contact information under program areas.

Amanda Pietz, Director
ODOT Climate Office
 (503) 986-4227

Geoff Crook, Interim Lead
ODOT Climate Office
 (503) 986-3425

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