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Consolidated STIF Rules Advisory Committee

Consolidation Background

Consolidation of the Special Transportation Fund (STF) and Statewide Transportation Improvement Fund (STIF) public transportation funding programs was directed by Senate Bill 1601 which passed in the July 2020 First Special Session of the Oregon State Legislature. The purpose of this merger is to increase efficiency and funding reliability for public transportation providers throughout Oregon.

The STF was created in 1985 by the Oregon Legislature to provide transportation services needed to access health, education, work, social, and recreational opportunities so that seniors and people with disabilities may live as independently and productively as possible. The STIF was established in Section 122 of House Bill 2017 (also known as Keep Oregon Moving) to provide a dedicated source of funding for improving, maintaining, or expanding public transportation for all users.

In 2019, ODOT launched a Consolidation Advisory Committee (CAC) to consider and recommend changes needed to consolidate the two programs. The Oregon Transportation Commission endorsed the CAC’s STF/STIF Consolidation Report and Plan in November 2019. Senate Bill 1601 incorporated the CAC’s recommendations in the statutory language, and ODOT will convene a Rules Advisory Committee (RAC) to begin drafting new consolidated STIF program rules in spring 2021.

Learn more about the stages of this consolidation process by viewing the STF/STIF Consolidation Timeline

RAC Membership

The RAC will be composed of 18 members representing large and small urban, rural, Tribal, and non-government transit providers and users; counties and cities; bicycle and pedestrian advocacy groups; environmental advocacy groups; veterans advocacy groups; advocates for seniors, people with disabilities, and paratransit public transportation users; and social and human service groups. The RAC will meet six times beginning in the spring, with an OTC adoption target of December 2021.

Learn more about the RAC members by viewing the RAC Roster.

RAC Purpose

The RAC will advise ODOT on revisions to Oregon Administrative Rules (OARs) Chapter 732, Divisions 5, 10, 20, 40, 42, and 44. These revisions are necessary in order to implement a consolidated STIF program and ensure a smooth transition to one state-funded public transportation program moving forward.

Learn more about the roles and responsibilities of RAC members by viewing the RAC Team Charter.

RAC Meeting Schedule

The RAC meetings wrapped up in October 2021, and proposed rule amendments will be sent to the OTC for approval in January 2022. A full copy of these rules (with revisions highlighted) can be found here.

RAC Documents


STF/STIF Consolidation Fact Sheet


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Public Comment

We encourage and welcome feedback from the public during this process. Methods for sharing comments are as follows:

Comment Form
At any time during the RAC process, please feel free to submit a comment using this form. Comments will be collected and shared with RAC members prior to each meeting.

You may also submit comments or questions to Maggie Charles, STIF Formula Program Coordinator, at

At RAC Meetings
There will be a 30-minute public comment period before and after each RAC meeting, so if you'd prefer to share your comments at one of the virtual RAC meetings, please refer to the schedule above. We ask that anyone planning to provide public comment during these periods join the meeting in the first 10 minutes, put your name in the chat, and we will take comments in the order that names appear. We will do our best to accommodate everyone during these 30-minute windows.