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Stormwater Management

Rain and melting snow wash dirt and chemicals off impervious surfaces, such as roads and parking lots, into streams and lakes. Impervious surfaces prevent rain and snow-melt from infiltrating into the ground, resulting in stormwater runoff that flows more quickly into waterways. Pollutants and increased flow can impair water quality and increase erosion, harming aquatic ecosystems.

The Oregon Department of Transportation’s stormwater program is dedicated to protecting water resources from the impacts of highway runoff. ODOT and resource agencies work together to develop consistent, effective and practical stormwater management requirements. The stormwater program provides technical assistance to highway project teams as they select and design stormwater management facilities.

Stormwater Permits
ODOT’s MS4 Permit, UIC Permit, 1200-CA Permit, FAHP Programmatic, and Clean Water Act Section 401 Permit
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Illicit Discharge
Reporting an illicit discharge
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Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL)
Details on ODOT’s TMDL management plan
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Stormwater Features Inventory
ODOT’s Stormwater Management Facilities inventory, outfall inventory, and requesting a DFI number
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Stormwater Facilities Maintenance
Operation & Maintenance (O&M) Manual Templates, Maintenance Tables, and Standard Operation Manuals
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Stormwater Retrofit Program
ODOT’s Stormwater Fix-It Program (In Progress)
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Public Education & Outreach
Construction site management and public involvement resources
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Pollution Prevention & Housekeeping
ODOT’s Environmental Management System and Best Management Practices for routine maintenance activities
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Related Programs
Biology Program, Erosion and Sediment Control Program, Maintenance Environmental Programs, and Wetlands Program
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Research & Special Projects
Stormwater Technology Testing Center (STTC) and ODOT research publications
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Stormwater Resources
Technical manuals, guidance, and state and federal laws relating to stormwater management
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Contact Us
Contact us for questions on technical guidance and stormwater policies
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