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Compliance Focus - Truck Safety and PRISM - April 5, 2021

We take truck safety very seriously in Oregon.  Most often, truck-at-fault crashes occur due to speeding, tailgating, changing lanes unsafely, failure to yield right of way and driver fatigue.  Our most recent data (December 2020 to February 2021) continues to show us this, as the most common violations found during roadside inspections were hours of service violations (and various tire issues).

In partnership with law enforcement agencies, ODOT/CCD have taken efforts to enforce unsafe driving behaviors, as has been highlighted in our Oregon Motor Safety Action Plan.  Oregon ranks well above all states in this area by utilizing real time data to identify trucking companies with suspect safety records and then applying training, experience and other tools to identify safety problems.

Our participation into FMCSA's PRISM program provides yet another tool to continue to strengthen safety on our highways and roadways.   The Performance and Registration Information Systems Management (PRISM) program is a key component to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's (FMCSA's) mission to reduce the number of commercial motor vehicle crashes, injuries and fatalities in a rapidly expanding interstate motor carrier population - and it works.  States that fully participate in PRISM have an observable reduction in commercial vehicle related crashes and fatalities.  In other words, PRISM saves lives.  PRISM has already helped us identify motor carriers with serious safety deficiencies that were issued a Federal OOS order, and subsequently their vehicle registrations have been suspended or denied here in Oregon.

If you have any questions about truck safety in Oregon or the PRISM program, please visit CCD online here, and the FMCSA's PRISM program here.