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Implement a Social Equity Engagement Toolkit

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This is one of ten outcomes to make measurable progress toward achieving our strategic priorities

What Does this Outcome Mean?

Our transportation projects and programs affect millions of Oregonians each year. It's our responsibility to give people the time and space to tell us what they think about those projects.

An engagement toolkit, deployed throughout the agency, will help expand those feedback opportunities. It will allow a broad cross-section of voices to participate in our process, and ensure our engagement efforts are inclusive, efficient and reflect the communities we serve. Visit our Social Equity Program website for more information.

Our Actions: How we'll get there

  • 2021: Implement social equity engagement toolkit on 10 ODOT projects and programs throughout the state.
  • 2022: Adjust the toolkit to enable scaling agency-wide.
  • 2024: Implement the toolkit on 50% of ODOT projects and programs.
  • 2023: Monitor toolkit use and make ongoing improvements to increase effectiveness and agency-wide use.

How Will We Measure our Success?

By the end of 2025, 100 percent of ODOT projects will apply our social equity engagement toolkit.

Our Progress So Far 

Staff developed and distributed a web-based social equity engagement toolkit. Projects and programs will use the toolkit to identify purpose, interested people, engagement approach, timeline and evaluation methods. The toolkit is part of our Online Engagement Studio, which includes guides, templates and resources.