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Community Preparedness

A major disaster can pose significant challenges for non-profit organizations, schools, colleges and faith-based organizations. Even a minor disaster can interfere with your ability to operate, or require funding for repairs. There are steps your organization can take to be prepared. The information below can help you. You may want to take basic steps to prepare your organization. You may want to create a full-scale preparedness program. Either way, we’re here to help.
We encourage organizations to think of all the hazards they may face. Oregon has windstorms, wildfires, floods and winter storms. We have even seen tornados.  It is expected that a major earthquake will occur. Cybercrime and other human-caused problems are also a danger to a wide range of organizations.

The physical damage from a full-scale Cascadia earthquake will primarily occur west of the Cascade Mountains. However, every area of Oregon will be impacted by the potential loss of fuel supplies and the unprecedented requirements for emergency response. Organizations need to be aware of the statewide impacts, and plan for how they will prepare and respond.


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