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CCO Incentive Metrics


The Oregon Health Authority is using quality health metrics to show how well Coordinated Care Organizations (CCOs) are improving care, making quality care accessible, eliminating health disparities, and curbing the rising cost of health care.

Outcome and quality measures have been developed by the Metrics and Scoring Committee. Funds from a quality pool will be awarded to CCOs based on their annual performance on these CCO Incentive Measures.

Data & Reporting

OHA regularly provides CCOs with progress reports on the CCO Incentive and State Performance Measures for their review and feedback.

Metrics are publically reported in the Health System Transformation Progress Reports.

2017 Metrics Timeline and Due Dates (updated Jan 2018)
2017 CCO Incentive Measure Benchmarks
2017 Measures
2018 CCO Incentive Measure Benchmarks
2018 Measures
Incentive Measures and changes since 2013

Guidance Documents

Technology plans and measure specific guidance documents from previous measurement years are available upon request. These documents have been removed from the webpage to minimize confusion between the measurement years.

2017 Chart Review Guidance Document
2017 Incentive Measure Specification Changes Summary
2017 CCO Incentive Measure Specification QandA
2018 Incentive Measure Specification Changes Summary
Adolescent Well Care Visits Guidance Document - Nov 2015
ALERT IIS Data Use Cases (revised May 2016)
Assessments for Children in DHS Custody Guidance Document (revised Dec 2014)
Childhood Immunizations Resource Guide (updated July 2017)
Cigarette Smoking Prevalence - Additional FAQ
Cigarette Smoking Prevalence Metric FAQ
Colorectal Cancer Screening Overview (revised Jan 2015)
Dental Sealant Guidance Document - Nov 2015
Depression Screening Guidance Document (revised Dec 2014)
Developmental Screening Guidance Document - Nov 2015
ECU Permanent Exclusion Template
Effective Contraceptive Use Guidance Document
PCPCH 2017-2018 Tribal Clinic Scoring Guide
Prenatal Care Guidance Document -- revised July 2014
Strategies for Reducing Tobacco Use (revised Dec 2015)
Weight Assessment and Counseling Metric FAQ
Year Five (2017) Data Proposal Template (updated Nov 2017)
Year Five (2017) Data Submission Template
Year Five (2017) Guidance Documentation
Year Five Data Proposal Review Template

For More Information

Improvement Targets
One Percent Withhold Methodology

Technical Specifications

The specifications used to produce the measures are available below. Measures were produced using national and standardized specifications. Variations are noted in the documents.

2013-2015 specification sheets and methodology documents are available upon request. These documents have been removed from the webpage to minimize confusion between the measurement years.

CCO Measure Specification Sheets

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