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Planned Out-of-hospital Birth

Coverage GuidanceApproved11/12/2015
Prioritization ChangesApproved11/12/2015


Next Steps

The Evidence-based Guidelines Subcommittee will continue discussion at its 6/6/2019 meeting.


A new coverage guidance on this topic is under development. ​The Evidence-based Guidelines Subcommittee discussed the initial draft at its 4/4/2019 meeting.


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​The members recieved an orientation to this topic at the February 7, 2019 meeting.


​HERC reviewed the rescan report and recommendation from EbGS and requested that a new Coverage Guidance be developed on this topic in light of new evidence presented.

EbGS will be oriented to this topic at its February 7, 2019 meeting. Initial review of the draft coverage guidance is currently planned for the April 4, 2019 EbGS meeting.

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