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Safety Net Capacity Grant Program - I'm healthy! / ¡Soy sano!

The Safety Net Capacity Grant Program is now called I'm healthy!
(¡Soy sano!
in Spanish

I'm healthy! helps children and teens connect to free health care services if they:

  • Do not qualify for the Oregon Health Plan (OHP) or Qualified Health Plans (QHPs), and
  • Are under 19 years old.

Children and teens with Citizen-Alien Waived Emergency Medical (CAWEM) coverage can also qualify because CAWEM does not cover primary or preventive care.

All I'm healthy! clinics provide:

Free physical health care services such as well-child visits, other regular checkups and shots.

Some partners also provide:

  • Free dental or vision checkups
  • Behavioral health care, or 
  • Services to help children get to their primary care appointments.

Free health care services provided through I'm healthy! do not include the cost of other services, such as prescription medications, lab or imaging services, emergency department care or specialty care.

Getting services

An I'm healthy! partner is near you. The partner will help you learn about the program, refer you to free health care services and help make appointments.
  • Use our interactive partner map
  • View our list of partners by city

Partner with us!

Safety net clinics and community-based organizations can participate in I'm healthy! in two ways:

  1. Safety net clinics can apply for funds to increase their capacity to serve children and teens who qualify for I'm healthy!
  2. Community-based organizations can apply for funds to:
  • Educate people in their area about safety net clinics
  • Screen children and teens for I'm healthy! eligibility, and
  • Make referrals to an I'm healthy! clinic.

To learn more about these opportunities, email the safety net outreach and grant coordinator.