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Program Year 2020

Program Year 2020

Program Year 2020 Reminders
  • Attestation Period: November 1, 2020 – March 31, 2021
  • If you attested to Program Year 2019, you must have that attestation paid before attesting to 2020

Program Year 2020 Requirements

Many requirements from Program Year 2019 still exist for Program Year 2020.  Please see below for a summary of requirements.

  • EHR Reporting Period
    • Minimum of any continuous 90-day period within calendar year 2020.
  • Meaningful Use Stage
    • Stage 3 Only
    • No changes to Stage 3 objectives and measures; however, please pay special attention to the requirements for Objective 5, Measure 1 (Patient Electronic Access to Health Information – API) and Objective 8, Measure 1 (Public Health and Clinical Data Registry Reporting – Immunization Registry Reporting)
      • Objective 5, Measure 1 – API
        To meet one of the requirements of this measure, an EP needs to fully enable the Application Programming Interface (API) functionality, such that any application chosen by a patient would enable the patient to gain access to their individual health information, provided that the application is configured to meet the technical specifications of the API. EPs may not prohibit patients from using any application, including third-party applications, which meet the technical specifications of the API, including the security requirements of the API. EPs are expected to provide patients with detailed instructions on how to authenticate their access through the API and provide the patient with supplemental information on available applications that leverage the API. Eligible Professionals should check with their vendors to ensure the API functionality has been enabled in their system.
      • Objective 8, Measure 1 – Immunization Registry Reporting
        To meet one of the requirements of this measure, the exchange must be bidirectional. Bi-directionality provides that the Certified EHR Technology must be able to receive and display a consolidated immunization history and forecast in addition to sending the immunization record.  Eligible Professionals should check with their vendors to ensure their system has been set up for bidirectional exchange.
  • Certified EHR Technology 2015 Edition
    • Must be in place by the first day of EHR reporting period and must be certified to the 2015 Edition criteria by the last day of the reporting period
  • eCQM Reporting Period 
    • Any continuous 90-day period within calendar year 2020. 
  • eCQM Reporting 
    • 6 measures relevant to your scope of practice (47 available, aligned with MIPS)

For additional information, please visit the CMS page, 2020 Stage 3 Objectives for Eligible Professionals.

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