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Student Clinical Training Requirements

Wednesday, April 12, 2017


      413.435 Administrative requirements for students in clinical training. (1) The Oregon Health Authority, in collaboration with the State Workforce Investment Board, shall convene a work group to develop standards for administrative requirements for student placement in clinical training settings in Oregon. The work group may include representatives of:
      (a) State education agencies;
      (b) A public educational institution offering health care professional training;
      (c) Independent or proprietary educational institutions offering health care professional training;
      (d) An employer of health care professionals; and
      (e) The Health Care Workforce Committee established under ORS 413.017.
      (2)(a) The work group shall develop standards for:
      (A) Drug screening;
      (B) Immunizations;
      (C) Criminal records checks;
      (D) Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act orientation; and
      (E) Other standards as the work group deems necessary.
      (b) The standards must apply to students of nursing and allied health professions. The standards may apply to students of other health professions.
      (c) The standards must pertain to clinical training in settings including but not limited to hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers, as those terms are defined in ORS 442.015.
      (3) The work group shall make recommendations on the standards developed under this section and the initial and ongoing implementation of the standards to the Oregon Health Policy Board established in ORS 413.006.
      (4) The authority may establish by rule standards for student placement in clinical training settings that incorporate the standards developed under this section and approved by the Oregon Health Policy Board. [2011 c.136 §1; 2017 c.185 §10; 2017 c.297 §24]
      Note: See note under 413.430.

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