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Oregon Public Health Institute

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Community health improvement plan implementation and evaluation, early learning systems and strategies, engagement strategies for person- and family-centered health care systems, health equity, organizational development, program evaluation, project management, public health integration

Oregon Public Health Institute technical assistance overview:

Cyreena Boston Ashby 

Cyreena Boston Ashby, Chief Executive Officer

Cyreena has served in leadership roles for over a decade in Oregon nonprofit, political, health and government affairs organizations. Cyreena has worked with US Senator Jeff Merkley and Governor John Kitzhaber, and most recently directed the Portland African American Leadership Forum.

With deep experience in the issues facing Oregon’s diverse communities, Cyreena has worked on social determinants of health including affordable housing, transportation and criminal justice. From 2007 to 2010, Cyreena helped the Multnomah County Health Department launch its health equity initiative to focus energy and resources on reducing health disparities in Oregon’s most populous communities.

Cyreena lends much of her personal time to political issues involving women and people of color running for office, LGBTQ equity and reproductive justice, and has served on several boards of directors, including the Urban League of Portland and the North by Northeast Health Clinic. She is a proud alumna of Spelman College. Cyreena and her husband, Samuel, spend their spare time with their two young daughters, Ava and Emerson.

Cyreena can help you:

  • Develop or advance upstream innovations that promote health and equity and bring new partners to the table;
  • Create and implement person-centered health system transformation projects;
  • Facilitate group processes, including issue prioritization and system redesign; and
  • Design, create and train groups on health equity, cultural competency, community engagement and nonprofit governance structure.
Emily Henke 

Emily Henke, MPH

Health innovations, program evaluation and policy

Emily’s work focuses on health innovations that bridge health care and public health. She leads OPHI’s work on the Oregon Health & Outdoors Initiative, a cross-sector partnership that aims to improve health, equity and conservation outcomes for all Oregonians by increasing the presence of and access to parks, nature and the outdoors. She also manages the Consumer Confidence Project, supports OPHI’s HEAL Cities and HIA programs, and works closely with the Oregon Community Health Workers Association. Emily holds a Master of Public Health: Health Management & Policy and is fluent in Spanish.

Emily can help you:

  • Develop or advance upstream innovations that promote health and equity and bring new partners to the table;
  • Create and implement person centered health system transformation projects;
  • Facilitate group processes, including issue prioritization and system redesign;
  • Design, manage and evaluate programs and projects; and
  • Connect to the Oregon Health and Outdoors Initiative.
Jamie Nash, MPA 

Jamie Nash, MPA

Equity-focused communications design, healthy community planning

Jamie has collaborated with municipalities across the country to increase access to healthy, affordable foods and improve the health outcomes of their residents for over ten years. Most recently, she provided technical assistance to build the capacity of elected officials, city agency staff and nonprofit partners to expand participation in out-of-school time meal programs in 44 cities, and to develop coordinated city-wide initiatives that support healthier kids as part of Let’s Move! Cities, Towns and Counties while working with the National League of Cities in Washington, DC. Her technical assistance experience encompasses a variety of local and regional food systems topics, including policy analysis and development around local, state and federal nutrition programs and opportunities for urban planning to support healthy, sustainable communities. Jamie holds a master's degree in food systems from New York University.

Jamie can help you:

  • Build stakeholder capacity to develop strategic partnerships to integrate health and equity into land use, transportation, housing, and community development plans, policies and practices;
  • Develop workshops and training sessions; and
  • Partner effectively with local, state, and federal government entities.
Regina Ingabire 

Regina Ingabire, MA

International and community health, qualitative research and program management

Regina has over seven years of experience in international development, public health and program management and implementation. Her work focuses on community engagement, improving equity and reducing disparities. Regina works on several OPHI collaborative efforts with multiple partners including the HEAL Cities Campaign, the BUILD Health Challenge and Right From The Start Initiative.

Additionally, Regina cultivates collaborative relationships with partner organizations, stakeholders and policy makers to increase equity and improve community health outcomes. Prior to joining the OPHI team, she worked with the Clinton Health Access Initiative in Rwanda and the Multnomah County Health Department. Regina received her Master’s Degree in Sustainable International Development from Brandeis University.

Regina can help you:

  • Develop or advance upstream, downstream or midstream strategies that promote health and equity;
  • Facilitate group processes and bring new partners to the table for creative solutions; and
  • Cultivate or build strategic partnerships with various stakeholders to improve community health issues.
Edna Nyamu, CHW 

Edna Nyamu

Certified community health worker

Edna is the coordinator of the Oregon Community Health Workers Association. Edna received her Bachelor of Science in Health Care Administration from Concordia University in Portland Oregon. Edna is a certified community health worker and also a certified child development associate and has worked with children as a teacher aide at Crossroads Christian School in Portland. Edna speaks three languages: English, Maasai and Swahili; in addition, she does Swahili language interpretation. Edna clearly understands other cultures and has been working closely with immigrant, refugees and people of color. Edna is also a member of the Commission of Traditional Health Workers in Oregon.

Edna can help you:

  • Understand the roles, quality and skills of community health workers;
  • Connect with other community health workers around the state;
  • Become an Oregon Community Health Worker Association member; and
  • Understand the traditional health worker certification.
Celia Higueras, MPH 

Celia Higueras, MPH

Community Health Worker Project Manager

Celia manages the Warriors of Wellness (WOW) project, a model in which health care systems can contract with community health worker programs to address the social determinants of health of their patient population. The WOW project is formed by a multicultural collaborative of community-based organizations throughout the Portland metro area. Raised in Chile, Celia received her BA in sociology from Lewis and Clark College. She has worked with community health workers in Portland, New York City and Santiago on issues including gender violence, nutrition and chronic disease control with the elderly. Celia is dedicated to improving health and decreasing disparities using community involvement, culturally competent care and popular education.

Celia can help you:

  • Learn how community health workers can address the social determinants of health;
  • Build and strengthen your community health worker program; and
  • Integrate culturally specific community health workers into care teams.
Dan Henry, MBA 

Dan Henry, MBA

With more than 30 years of experience in financial and operations management, Dan has worked in a variety of organizations and industries. His passion has always been to support underserved and marginalized populations with an emphasis on opening access to health care for communities who face roadblocks in securing or affording high quality and appropriate health care. Having served in primary and acute care organizations as well as with economically and developmentally challenged populations, Dan is enthused to bring those diverse experiences to developing healthy communities throughout the state. Dan earned his undergraduate degree at Western Washington University and an MBA at the University of Redlands in Southern California.

Dan can help you:

  • Analyze and manage finances for your organization; and
  • Create complaint financial systems to meet state and federal financial standards.

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