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James Phelps, MD

Thursday, April 20, 2017

James Phelps 

Behavioral health integration

Dr. Phelps has led an exploration of Oregon answers to the question: How does one take too few psychiatrists and spread them around better? Placing psychologists and social workers in primary care clinics is a huge advance; but for about 10% of patients, a psychiatrist’s experience is also needed to help manage patients’ mental health needs in the medical home.

From the experience of psychiatrists who have done some form of psychiatric consultation in primary care here in Oregon, Phelps has assembled a spectrum of approaches that a CCO might consider. In addition to insights gleaned from colleagues around Oregon, he also brings over 10 years of experience with multiple forms of psychiatric assistance in primary care.

Clearly, one model of consultation does not fit all clinics, let alone all CCOs. Within each primary care clinic there tends to be a broad range of readiness, and willingness, to integrate mental health care. Moreover, within each geographic area, there is a range of available psychiatric resources (often very limited). Dr. Phelps can help CCOs assess their needs and the available resources, looking for the best approach to the provision of psychiatric consultation in primary care in their region.

James Phelps technical assistance overview: Webinar recording


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