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Oregon Family Support Network

Monday, January 01, 0001

Tammi Paul - image not available 

Tammi Paul, Training Program Manager

Early learning systems and strategies, organizational development

Tammi Paul is the parent to three children, and she and her husband own a farm north of Eugene. Tammi’s background is in higher education administration and special education law (in addition to being an artisan goat milk cheese and soap maker). Having spent 20 years teaching leadership, intercultural relations, communication and organizational development, Tammi currently serves as the statewide training manager for Oregon Family Support Network. She is a certified peer support specialist and serves as a state consultant to the OHA System of Care/Wraparound Statewide Initiative touching all counties in Oregon. Her lived experience as a parent to two children who experience disabilities gives her a unique perspective as a family member/consumer, advocate and educator. Tammi serves on multiple statewide boards and commissions including the State Advisory Council on Special Education, the Oregon Consumer Advisory Council and the Traditional Health Worker Commission while also volunteering in her small rural Oregon community.


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