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Vanessa Becker - V Consulting and Associates

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Vanessa Becker 

Community health improvement plan implementation and evaluation, early learning systems and strategies, health systems leadership, organizational development

Vanessa is a native Oregonian who has devoted her life to making communities a better place. She offers over 20 years of executive experience in the nonprofit, corporate and government industries. Her experience spans grassroots nonprofits, executive government administration and successful corporate business, making her a successful “tri-sector athlete.”

Her academic career started at Linfield College then led her to Ann Arbor Michigan where she pursued her graduate degree in public health. While in Michigan, Vanessa worked with several projects to improve some of the most impoverished communities in Detroit. She then returned to the West Coast to work at a regional nonprofit focusing on rural health, followed by a CEO position at a nonprofit focusing on violence against women and homelessness, an interim deputy director position at the Douglas County Health and Human Services and a recent teaching appointment at the University of Oregon Law School Nonprofit Clinic.

Never one to balk at a new challenge, Vanessa started her own consulting firm in 2007. V Consulting and Associates has grown since then and has developed content expertise in many areas. Vanessa and her associates led and wrote 25% of the CCO community health assessments and community health improvement plans in Oregon. Vanessa continues to work with several CCOs while also speaking locally, statewide and nationally on engaging community voice in organization planning efforts.

V Consulting currently has clients from many sectors and successfully provides executive coaching, facilitation and strategic planning to government, corporate and nonprofit organizations across the United States. Health transformation projects in Oregon are Vanessa’s most recent focus, but a list of current clients and projects, and examples of past work, can be found at


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