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Brink Communications

Monday, January 01, 0001

Engagement strategies for person- and family-centered health care systems; improving health equity; project management

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Brink is a unique blend of experienced professionals who are dedicated to bridging the gap between public policy and creative communications. Brink is a full-service firm, handling strategy, public relations, branding, advertising, design, market research, fundraising, web production, video production and social media.

In addition to the Oregon Health Authority, Brink works with health care organizations like Health Share of Oregon and Practice Greenhealth.

Leslie Carlson 

Leslie Carlson

Leslie’s brain is an idea-generating machine, constantly developing creative angles and opportunities. As a resident strategic advisor and ultimate dot-connector, Leslie has combined her passion for sustainability and alternative transportation with her political experience to tap into the collective consciousness. Prior to founding her own communications company in 2000 (relaunched as Brink with partner Marian Hammond in 2012), Leslie served as communications staff for several elected officials.

Marian Hammond 

Marian Hammond

Marian wears many hats and runs an airtight ship. After five years as global strategies manager at Business Oregon — where she guided the Oregon Innovation Council’s successful work to secure $44 million in state funding for job creation — Marian co-founded Brink Communications to expand her strategic reach and create greater changes from the community level, up.

Heidi Nielsen 

Heidi Nielsen

Heidi’s passion lies with creating exceptional design for positive social change. Whether collaborating with a neighborhood start-up or a Fortune 500 company, Heidi brings tactical expertise, positive energy and a deep level of investment to her work. Never one to race a quick solution, she emphasizes research and collaboration in creating designs that are thoughtful, innovative and true to her clients’ brands. Her commitment and resourcefulness have earned her clients’ trust and respect time and again.


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