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Technical Assistance Bank Consultants

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Stacey Devenney

Monday, January 01, 0001

Stacey Devenney 

Behavioral health integration, emergency department utilization among members with mental illness, engagement strategies for person- and family-centered health care systems, health program evaluation, primary care transformation, quality improvement science, strategies to address social determinants of health

Stacey Devenney, MA, LMHC, CDP, has promoted behavioral and physical health care integration for 25 years. With clinical and administrative leadership experience in both behavioral health and physical health organizations, Stacey brings a unique perspective and passion to this work. Her current focus is working to ensure individual and organizational needs are met, even as the health and human services system changes. Stacey works with Washington State, health plans, regional authorities, and other agencies and help them to change, grow and become the integrated health care entities their communities need. Her toolkit for doing this includes practice coaching, training, performance and program evaluation, and partnering to develop improvement plans.


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