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Health Resources in Action

Monday, January 01, 0001

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Behavioral health integration, community health improvement plan, health systems leadership, health systems research, including program evaluation, improving health equity, organizational development, public health integration, strategies to address social determinants of health

Health Resources in Action (HRiA) is a national nonprofit with expertise in developing, implementing and evaluating solutions for partners and clients who share a vision of improving population health. HRiA’s mission is to help people live healthier lives and create healthy communities through prevention, health promotion, policy and research. Founded in 1957, our work is rooted in years of public health experience and expertise, represented by a diverse team of staff located around the country, with backgrounds in the sectors where we provide services: health care, social services, state and local government, and academia.

Our subject matter expertise encompasses a range of topics and methods, including the social determinants of health, behavioral health, substance use disorder, community engagement, and the intersection of public health, health care, and community development. Examples of previous projects include: workflow mapping of referral pathways, training in health equity and cultural competency, community health needs assessments, strategic planning, executive coaching, community health worker integration, strategic consultation on community health and community benefits investment, and monitoring and evaluation.

Our services are evidence-based, innovative, customized, culturally competent, and based in principles of inclusion and engagement. We deliver:

  • Training: Interactive in-person and web-based skill-building opportunities
  • Technical assistance: Expert consultation and real-world advice on how to develop and implement operational, managerial, technological, programmatic or administrative systems
  • Technical services: Direct provision of professional services or the implementation of tasks to support operational, managerial, technological, programmatic or administrative systems
  • Information communication and dissemination: Collecting, packaging and sharing of information, tools, resources and best practices.
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