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Brown & Brown Strategies

Monday, January 01, 0001

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Health systems research and evaluation, improving health equity, project management, public policy facilitation, strategies to address social determinants of health

Brown & Brown Strategies provides consulting services to Medicaid and Medicare managed care plans and state Medicaid programs. We specialize in helping organizations serve at-risk members through support with program/product development, strategic planning, readiness-review preparations, project management, policy, research and community engagement.

We understand your needs and apply our experience to help you navigate today’s health care environment. Christine Nye has 30 years of experience in Medicaid, Medicare and integrated programs focused on strategic planning, public policy, research and analysis, program implementation and evaluation and project management. She served as director for Medicaid for HCFA (CMS) and as the Wisconsin state Medicaid director. She has extensive experience in managed care and aging as COO for a national Medicaid managed care organization and VP for Medicare Advantage for the SE region of the US. Gretchen Brown brings 25 years of experience with Medicaid managed care and integrated plans, including MA-SNPs, MMPs and PACE.

Our combined experience can support you in achieving your CCO 2.0 goals to improve the quality and overall value of the health care you provide to achieve optimal outcomes for your members, regardless of the social, environmental, economic and other situations affecting their health and lives.


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