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Hospital Care CDA

Hospital care CDA overview

A care delivery area (CDA) is an innovative value-based payment (VBP) arrangement. See the VBP Roadmap for Coordinated Care Organizations.

Hospital care is a significant portion of health care spending and a common location for Oregon Health Plan members to receive health care services. The hospital care CDA fosters innovative pilot VBP arrangements between CCOs and their contracted hospitals, including:

  • Inpatient hospital care, encompassing inpatient stays, surgeries, or other procedures rendered;
  • Outpatient hospital surgeries, including hospital-affiliated ambulatory surgical centers; and
  • Emergency departments.
The hospital care CDA is not meant to include outpatient clinics, such as primary care clinics, that are hospital owned or affiliated, or primary care services that are rendered in outpatient clinics but are billed through hospitals.

Technical assistance and resources

Technical assistance is coming soon.


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