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Oregon Web Infrastructure for Treatment Services (OWITS)


OWITS is designed to meet the growing needs of capturing patient treatment data and satisfy mandatory government reporting requirements for the planning, administration, and monitoring of Behavioral Health Treatment Programs. OWITS is an Electronic Health Records (EHR) system driven by web-based software.

The purpose of the EHR is to provide software that facilitates cooperation and collaboration across treatment providers by enabling the sharing of client treatment information (within the constraints of HIPAA and 42 CFR regulations).

System Requirements

Personal computer, internet connection and Internet Explorer 10 or higher (or the equivalent of that in another browser platform).


Agencies using OWITS are responsible for the system's support and maintenance costs as of February 2017. These costs are estimated at a total of $130,000 per year, divided equally among participating organizations.

  • At the current expected volume of usage, that translates to approximately $1,550 to $1,800 per agency per month, plus a one-time $500 charge for quarterly billing rather than annual billing.
  • This cost covers an unlimited number of users and includes both the Training and Production environments, general and billing support, and reporting tools.

There is no start-up cost other than time for agency setup, staff training, and business transition. For more information on the requirements of using the EHR, check out the Frequently Asked Questions page (enter "OWITS" in the FAQ's search field).

Getting Started:

  1. Review the web pages, including posted documents and contact OWITS Support ( with questions about specific aspects of the system. 
  2. Visit the OWITS Forum to explore the reference guide screens, to see news about upcoming enhancements and bug fixes, to discuss proposed changes, and to share tips and tricks with other OWITS users.
  3. Submit Provider Application: (PDF) or (Word
  4. Review Memorandum of Understanding and review the OWITS section of Frequently Asked Questions
  5. Review the OWITS System Flow document to better understand the flow of the OWITS system and to assist you with determining how OWITS and your current business flow will work together.

Benefits to OWITS Users

  • Live training
  • Screen-by-screen online reference material
  • Business transition assistance 
  • Robust SQL server reporting capabilities
  • Automated MOTS reporting
  • Electronic billing
  • Instant referrals to and from other OWITS agencies

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