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Who We Are

Young Adult Mental Health Hubs are used to boost existing services and supports that are already serving young adults. Early Assessment and Support Alliance (EASA) sites are part of the Hub program. Hubs provide outreach, engagement, peer support, educational and employment skill development, and access to physical and mental health services. They provide a way to combine behavioral health and mental health so that CCOs become partners in the process of helping deliver care to young adults.

What We Know

Each year, young adults aging out of state systems of care or not reaching specific diagnostic thresholds find themselves without the needed support and connections to move into a thriving adulthood. Young Adult Mental Health Hubs are modeled after the Australian service model headspace, and are designed to be young adult friendly and fill the gap many young adults face when moving from the child serving system to the adult care system. They are called "Hubs" because they provide centralized connections for young adults in four communities across Oregon.

Why Hubs Might Help

Health and mental health care that makes sense, is accessible, and designed with young adults in mind is hard to find. Many services and supports stop once young adults turn 18 or have spent a long time in state systems of care and suddenly find themselves back in their community without anyone to talk to or guide them through making adult decisions. Hubs have peers that can relate to almost every experience. They also have professional staff that are familiar with and excited to work with young adults and are familiar with the challenges they face. Hubs are well connected to programs like EASA and Wraparound and have lots of community partnerships that allow them to network and provide a web of support for young adults.

Current Hub Pilot Projects

  • Jackson County Hub (serves Jackson and Josephine counties)
  • LifeWorks Northwest (serves Clackamas, Multnomah, and Washington counties)
  • PeaceHealth (serves Benton, Lane, Linn, and North Douglas counties)
  • Wellness & Education Board of Central Oregon (WEBCO) (serves Crook, Deschutes, and Jefferson counties)

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