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Serves Benton, Lane, Linn and north Douglas counties

Service area

Services for Young Adult Hub participants will be available in all of Lane County including coastal and rural communities. In addition, services will be available to youth in Linn, Benton and North Douglas counties.

Description of Services

Our Young Adult Hub services include: Vocational/educational support, occupational therapy, medication management and monitoring, nursing support, multi-family groups, individual and group therapy, activity therapy, and skills training.

  • Multi-family groups will be offered with special consideration toward helping youth rebuild support systems based on their own definition of family.

  • Enhanced outreach to homeless youth.

  • Increased outreach, engagement, and recovery-oriented planning and creation of social support systems.

  • LGBT youth will be connected to existing community resources and assisted in the creation and development of a LGBT youth-led support alliance for program participants. Current staff members have existing professional relationships with providers in the community who serve LGBT youth.

  • Engagement and outreach to youth who have been served by intensive or residential children’s service at least 6 months prior to them “aging out” of services to facilitate a seamless transfer of care.


  • PeaceHealth Medical Group Primary Care

  • Youth M.O.V.E. Oregon

  • EASA Center for Clinical Excellence

  • Oregon Department of Vocational Rehabilitation Services

  • Oregon Supported Employment Center for Excellence (OSECE)

  • Dartmouth IPS Supported Employment Center

  • Lane County Behavioral Health

Capacity to serve

  • Thirty-three funded slots.

  • Capacity to serve up to 60 total youth (funded & unfunded slots).

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