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System of Care


System of Care is a philosophy based on cross system collaboration that supports youth and families who have complex and significant mental health needs. The goal is to create an array of services and supports that that are youth and family driven, community-based, and culturally and linguistically responsive.

The System of Care Advisory Council provides oversight of children’s mental health system planning and System of Care implementation in Oregon.

Statewide System of Care Steering Committee: A cross-system group of statewide system representatives designated to address policy, funding, and unresolved local barriers that exceed local resolution.

Statewide System of Care Advisory Council: This Governor-appointed council will:

  • Develop and maintain a state System of Care policy and comprehensive, long-range plan for coordinated system of care. 
  • Create and update a plan biennially and submit plan to interim committee of Legislative Assembly and Governor.
  • Develop annual reports and recommend legislation and make recommendations to Director of Oregon Health Authority, Director of Oregon Youth Authority & Director of Human Services regarding Systems of Care 
  • Award grants to support local system of care governance and carry out recommendations in council's long-range plan for coordinated System of Care
  • Oversee and continually monitor the children's System of Care data dashboard

Local Systems of Care exist across Oregon. Each of Oregon's coordinated care organizations convenes these groups to resolve barriers experienced by youth and their families:

  • Practice Level Workgroup: Filters and analyzes barriers submitted from professionals and consumers. Addresses practice barriers and refers system barriers to Advisory. 
  • Advisory/Steering Committee: Advises policy development, financing implementation, reviews fidelity, and outcomes, and addresses system barriers submitted by the Practice group.
  • Executive Council: Develops and approves policies, shared decision-making regarding funding and resource development, and identifies unmet needs in the community to expand the service array.

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System of Care and Wraparound Program Coordinator


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System of Care Policy Coordinator


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