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Waiver Amendments


After the state’s Medicaid 1115 Demonstration is authorized for a new five year period, there are sometimes changes that need to be made, and these changes are made through a formal Request for Amendment to CMS and a CMS approval of the request. Linked below are the Requests for Amendment and the CMS Approvals for each amendment made to the current Demonstration.

Oregon's 1115 Medicaid Demonstration Waiver

CURRENT WAIVER - 7-5-2012 to 6-30-2017 (Eff. 6-13-2015)

Waiver Amendment Requests to CMS

Recent requests to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) are listed below along with comments we have received from Stakeholders.

2016Global Budgets and Delivery System Improvements
2015Hospital Transformation Performance Program (HTPP) Amendment Request
2013Early MAGI Adoption Request
2013Hospital Access to Care and Hospital Transformation Performance programs
2013Streamline Enrollment for SNAP Recipients and Parents of Medicaid-Eligible Children
2013Tribal Health Programs Uncompensated Care

CMS Waiver Approvals

Recent requests approved by CMS are listed below.

2016Hospital Transformation Performance Program (HTPP) Amendment Approval
2015Tribal Health Programs Uncompensated Care Amendment Approval
2013Early MAGI Adoption, Eff. 10-1-2013
2013Streamline Enrollment for SNAP Recipients and Parents of Medicaid-Eligible Children, Eff. 10-1-2013

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