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Health Systems Division Contacts

Coordinated Care Organization Staff: Find all your Health Systems Division (HSD) contacts in one place.

Main Contact

Phone: 800-527-5772

Salem: 503-945-5772

Email Addresses by Topic

Helpful Telephone Numbers

  • APD Medically Fragile Children's Unit: 971-673-2985
  • Automated Voice Response: 1-866-692-3864
  • Client Services Unit: 1-800-273-0557
  • HSD Reception: 800-527-5772
  • EDI Support Services: 1-888-690-9888
  • Member Enrollment Services (formerly CES): 1-800-527-5772
  • OHP Customer Service: 1-800-699-9075
  • OHP Benefits/RN Hotline: 1-800-393-9855
  • OPAR Health Insurance Group (HIG): 503-378-6233
  • OPAR Medical Payment Recovery: 503-378-2005
  • PA Hotline: 1-800-642-8635
  • Provider Enrollment: 1-800-422-5047
  • Provider Services Unit: 1-800-336-6016

Business Units

Office of Chief Health Systems Officer

  • 503-945-5769

Integrated Health Programs (formerly Operations and Policy)

  • 503-954-6590

Delivery System Support Unit

  • Phone 503-945-6524
  • Fax 503-947-5221

This unit monitors the managed care organizations (MCO) and Coordinated Care Organizations (CCOs) for some elements of contract compliance; supports CCOs in their transformation efforts; facilitates member access to services; and collaborates with MCOs/CCOs.

OHP Client Services

  • Phone: 503-947-5804
  • Call Center 800-273-0557
  • Fax: 503-945-6898

This unit is the customer service center for Oregon Health Plan members. The staff helps clients navigate a complex system of health financing rules and MCO/CCO protocols.

OHP Customer Service

  • 1-800-699-9075

This unit is a statewide application processing center for OHP applicants. The staff determines eligibility for all medical programs and provide customer service to clients, partners and the public.

Business Systems Unit

  • Phone 503-945-7014
  • Fax 503-947-5359

Electronic and Encounter Data Unit

  • Phone: 503-945-9484
  • Fax: 503-945-9908

Provider Services Unit

  • Phone 503-945-5803
  • Customer Service Center: 1-800-336-6016
  • Fax: 503-945-6873

This is the customer service center for Oregon Medicaid fee-for-service providers. The staff interprets OHP rules and policy to assist providers in billing and resolving billing issues.

Provider Enrollment Unit

  • Phone: 503-945-1177
  • Customer Service Center: 1-800-422-5047
  • Fax: 503-947-1177

This unit validates, recertifies and manages ongoing enrollment for providers who serve OHP members.

Client & Provider Education

  • Phone: 503-947-5281
  • Fax: 503-947-5221

This unit is responsible for drafting, editing and distributing written material for OHP members, MCOs/CCOs, health care providers, other state agencies and the general public.

Hearings Unit

  • Phone: 503-945-5785

This unit processes and coordinates requests from OHP clients for administrative hearings related to health care services.

Quality Assurance and Improvement Unit

  • Phone: 503-945-6964

Provider Clinical Support Unit

  • 1-800-393-9855

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