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Tools for Oregon Health Plan providers

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Model immunization protocols (updated 6/29/2022); resource updates; July webinars; Starting today, more people may be eligible for OHP Plus benefits; Use the MMIS Provider Portal to submit fee-for-service prior authorization requests online; Fee-for-service nursing facility room and board rates effective July 1, 2022; Recent rule revisions

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Applies To
6/30/2022Fee-for-service nursing facility room and board rates effective July 1, 2022Hospice providers
6/27/2022Fee-for-service rates for OHA/ODHS private during nursing services effective July 1, 2022Private duty nursing providers
6/22/2022Mobile Opioid Treatment Programs, effective May 1, 2022Oregon Opioid Treatment Programs
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Forms and publications

View OHP Billing Tips or the provider guidelines for your program for more information about provider forms. Find forms for enrolling as an OHP provider on our Provider Enrollment page.

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  • To view all OHP forms and publications, visit our Forms page.
Advance DirectiveAdvance DirectiveEnglish
MSC 0189MSC 0189 - Direct Deposit AuthorizationEnglish
MSC 1419MSC 1419 - MAC Local Match Leveraging FormEnglish
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Questions and answers for OHP providers

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