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Healthy Futures Requirements and Wellness Activities


This page shows some examples of actions you can take to address the risks identified in your Health Assessment that will count toward your Healthy Futures participation. Note: These are just some ideas to get you started -- you can take any actions you'd like. They don't need to be listed here to count.


Earning your incentive just got easier!

No more Spouse/Partner requirement

Spouses and domestic partners no longer need to participate to earn your incentive! Only the benefits-eligible employee/retiree needs to participate to earn the incentive for the whole family.

Here's all you need to do:

1. Agree to particpate during Open Enrollment. Do this in the MyOEBB enrollment system.

2. Complete your OEBB medical carrier's online health assessment between August 15 and October 15. Kaiser members do this at Moda members do this at

3. Take two healthy actions before next Open Enrollment (August 15th of the following year).

4. Confirm that you took your two healthy actions when you log in to the MyOEBB enrollment during next year's Open Enrollment. Just select "yes" or "no" -- no proof or details required.  

What Counts as a Healthy Action?

The options are limitless! Choose an activity that interests/challenges you and addresses your personal health risks. If you don't exercise much, try scheduling a 15 – 30 minute walk each day. If you already exercise regularly, set a goal that stretches you to new achievements.

Or if your stress level is high, try some new relaxation techniques or join a yoga class or meditation group. Each person's comfort zone is different, so just try to step slightly out of yours. You might be amazed by how a small change can improve your life!

Featured Activities

Need a suggestion or two for your wellness activities?

Here are some great ideas we recommend:

  • Healthy Team Healthy U a team-based/worksite-based health promotion program sponsored by OEBB (this counts as BOTH activities, regardless of your health risks!)
  • Moodhelper, an online program for adults who want help managing their depression
  • Online programs available through your medical carrier's website like "Fire Up Your Feet" through Kaiser Permanente, or Fit It In through Moda Health/ODS
  • Any school employee wellness activity
  • Walking programs sponsored by associations or clubs, PTA, health clubs
  • Learn about health topics of your choice using your medical carrier's website - Kaiser Permanente or Moda Health/ODS
  • Preventive services recommended for your age by the U.S. Preventive Services Taskforce (annual dental cleaning, mammogram, colonoscopy, etc.)
  • Attend the annual Oregon School Employee Wellness Conference which takes place in Bend each Spring Break — registration is FREE!

Weight-Related Activities

If one of your risks is related to weight, one of your wellness activities could be:

  • Participate in Weight Watchers for at least one 13-week session
  • Work with a health coach or dietitian available through your medical plan carrier to develop a plan for addressing your weight
  • Work through the e-tools available on your medical carrier's website on weight management
  • Or participate in Healthy Team Healthy U. This counts as both wellness actions, regardless of your health risks!

Tobacco-Related Activities

If one of your risks is related to tobacco use, one of your wellness activities could be:

  • Participate in a tobacco cessation program (available through your medical plan carrier or through your healthcare provider)
  • Work through the tobacco cessation e-tools on your medical carrier's website
  • Or participate in Healthy Team Healthy U. This counts as both wellness actions, regardless of your health risks!

Other Ideas

The list below is just a sampling of other actions you can take to satisfy your two wellness activities for the Healthy Futures program. We couldn't possibly list them all, because virtually anything that supports your health and well-being will count. But if you're looking for inspiration, here are some ideas to get you started!

  • Join a walking group
  • Do a walk/run for charity
  • Join a peer support group
  • Ride your bike to work
  • Attend a spin class
  • Get a dental cleaning or eye exam
  • Attend yoga classes
  • Attend Zumba classes
  • Incorporate exercise into your daily work schedule like taking the stairs instead of the elevator, use resistance bands at your desk, and taking walks or other activities during your lunch and break times
  • Meditate regularly
  • Join a book club or knitting circle
  • Quit or cut back on alcohol
    • Get your annual physical and flu shot
    • Speak with a counselor
    • Add roller skating, swimming, or other fun activities into your weekly routine
    • Take dance lessons
    • Exercise 30 minutes daily

    Don't forget - mental and social health are important too! If your life could use some balance, learning how to manage stress or carving out time to spend with friends can count as a wellness activity!

    Anything Good for You Counts!

    Have an idea that's not shown on this page?

    Go for it! Any action that contributes to your health and well-being will count!

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