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2020-21 Open Enrollment Communications

2020 Open Enrollment Communications

Following is a schedule of OEBB’s 2020 Open Enrollment Communications with links to view the documents as they become available.

The description in the far left column will be an active link when a preview is available. If the description does not link, the item is still in progress. Thank you for your patience!


Description Who/What/Why/How Data Pull Date Delivery Date
Open Enrollment Preview Email
Email alerting all OEBB members to watch for their Open Enrollment packet in the mail, and highlighting important things to know for the upcoming Open Enrollment. Sent to all email addresses in MyOEBB member profiles (both personal and work) for benefits-eligible employees and early retirees. July 28, 2020 August 5, 2020
Heads-Up Postcard

Hard copy postcard mailed USPS to all benefits-eligible employees and early retirees. The card instructs them to watch their USPS mailbox for their OE Materials.
July 8, 2020 Postmarked July 27, 2020 to be received by members the last week in July.
Surcharge Awareness Letter
Hard copy letter mailed to members who currently double-cover a dependent that will cause a surcharge to be applied beginning October 1 if their enrollments remain the same for 2020-21. July 15, 2020 To be postmarked July 23, 2020 to be received by members July 24-27
OEBB’s Open Enrollment Packet (#10 envelope shown here with individual inserts below)

July 8, 2020 To be postmarked August 3 - 6, 2020 to be received by members the first week in August.
Packet Part 1 of 2

Cover Letter

Spanish translation
Personalized letter to each benefits-eligible employee or early retiree detailing the specific plans available to them. To be mailed hard copy to all benefits-eligible employees and early retirees.    
Packet Part 2 of 2

Plan Comparison Inserts
Three 11x17 pages (medical) and one 8.5x11 page (dental and vision) all printed on both sides, showing side-by-side benefit details of all OEBB medical, dental and vision plans.
OEBB Open Enrollment Guide Booklet

"zMags" online format

PDF format

Spanish translation

Electronic booklet summarizing all OEBB plans and instructions

View online only - link available on multiple pages of the OEBB website including:
  •, and 
Use PDF version to self-print select pages if needed. If printing the full booklet, printing double-sided and stapled should lay out the pages properly.
Confirmation Email - Enrollments Saved
This email will be sent to those members with an email address in the MyOEBB system confirming their enrollments have been recently saved. If records are saved multiple times, the member may receive multiple emails. Data pulled daily at midnight throughout Open Enrollment to capture the records saved that day. Data pulled on weekends and holidays will be batched for the next business day. Emails sent each business day throughout Open Enrollment to members whose enrollments were saved within the associated time period.
Confirmation Letter - Enrollments Saved  Mailed USPS to those benefits-eligible employees and early retirees without a valid email in the MyOEBB system confirming their enrollments were successfully saved. October 2, 2020 Postmarked
October 5, 2020
Post-OE Letter - Missing Enrollments
Mailed USPS to those benefits-eligible employees and early retirees missing an OEBB medical, dental, or vision election for the 2020-21 plan year.

Note: Opt-out, Waive, and Decline are considered elections. This letter only mailed to members who appear eligible for medical, dental or vision but have not indicated whether they wish to enroll or not.
October 7, 2020 Postmarked October 8, 2020
Dental 12-Month Wait Letter
Mailed USPS to all benefits-eligible employees and early retirees who have at least one individual enrolled on their OEBB dental plan who is subject to the 12-month waiting period for the 2020-21 plan year. The letter lists the individuals subject to the waiting period and explains how to appeal it if they experienced a QSC.
September 22, 2020 Postmarked 
September 28, 2020
Surcharge Applied Letter
Hard copy letter mailed to members whose 2020-21 enrollments indicate they double-cover a dependent that has caused a surcharge to be applied beginning October 1, 2020, including instructions to contact their employer if they believe this is an error. October 2, 2020 Postmarked
October 5, 2020

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