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CCO 2.0 THW Learning Collaborative Series

CCO 2.0 Traditional Health Worker Learning Collaborative Series

The Oregon Health Authority’s Office of Equity and Inclusion in partnership with the Traditional Health Worker Commission will be convening a statewide CCO 2.0 Traditional Health Worker Learning Collaboratives Series.

The purpose of these webinar series is to engage Coordinated Care Organizations, health system providers, CCO’s THW liaison, THW workforce, private payers, community-based organizations, culturally specific organizations and key stakeholders in peer-to-peer learning and networking opportunities to work on strategies to better integrate and utilize traditional health workers, with the goal of addressing social determinants of health.

This is a bimonthly learning collaborative series session that will cover topics such as Traditional Health Worker 101: THW Types and their Scope of Practices, CCO 2.0 Contract language + CBOs Collaboration Recommendations, Who are THWs, Benefits of integration THWs, Examples of good local Community based contracts, Health System Integration and Utilization, Toolkit of THWs, Workforce Development: Hiring and retaining THWs, THW Supervision, THW Certification Requirements, Payment Models: Medicaid Billing + Alternative Payments, and Pulling it all Together: Recap and THW Best Practices.

All other future sessions will happen every other month addressing various topic areas. Please register at this link:

If you have any questions related to CCO 2.0 Traditional Health Worker Learning Collaborative Webinar Series, please contact Mohamed Abdiasis at or 971-673-3389.

2020 Meetings

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