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CCO 2.0 Recommendations

Draft Recommendations

Final Draft CCO 2.0 Report (10/12/18)

​This final draft report includes all appendices, such as the updated policy recommendations and implementation expectations (Appendix A), health equity impact assessment of policies (Appendix B), and children's health in policies (Appendix C).

Draft Recommended Policies and Implementation Expectations (9/05/18)

​An updated draft of policy recommendations and implementation expectations that were presented at the September 11, 2018 Oregon Health Policy Board meeting.

Policy Straw Model (8/02/18)

​An updated draft of policy options that were presented as a straw model at the August 7, 2018 Oregon Health Policy Board meeting.

Feasibility and Impact Analysis (7/10/18)

​An initial draft of policy options that were presented at the June 5, 2018 Oregon Health Policy Board meeting.  The policies were assessed for a variety of criteria that was then used to estimate the overall feasibility of each policy.

General Public Feedback

General Feedback Survey - Comments
General Feedback Survey#2 Comments
Survey#2 - Summary Report
June-July 2018 HIT Policy Options Public Meeting Comments
Survey #1 – Summary Report
4/20/18 Public Forum – Portland
4/21/18 Public Forum – The Dalles
4/28/18 Public Forum – Woodburn

Partner Input and Recommendations

Oct 12, 2018 VBP Policy Recommendation Comments (AOCMHP)
Oct 5, 2018 Alliance
Sept 28, 2018 FamilyCare OHPB CCO 2.0 Comments
Sept 26, 2018 CCO Oregon_Pharmacy
Sept 19, 2018 OPCA comments on CCO 2.0
Sept 18, 2018 4R Early Learning response to OHPB
Sept 17, 2018 TriCounty response CCO 2.0
Sept 11, 2018 OHPB Dwight Holton testimony
Sept 11, 2018 OHPB Lines for Life Opioid Crisis
Sept 10, 2018 AllCare Health letter to OHPB
Sept 10, 2018 OPERA ORPA CCO 2.0 Response
Sept 10, 2018 Cascadia CCO2.0 response
Sept 10, 2018 Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic
Sept 10, 2018 Early Childhood Priorities for CCO 2.0
Sept 7, 2018 Health Share 2.0 comments
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CCO 2.0

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