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Community Integration


Introducing the new Person-Directed Transition Team

Monday, March 06, 2017

The new Person-Directed Transition Team (formerly known as the Community Integration Demonstration Project) is now in place, ready to help people who have been civilly committed transition back to the community.

The group's ultimate goal is to help patients achieve their personal goals, shorten their length of stay at the hospital, and learn skills to ensure their continued success in the community. The team has developed referral criteria and outcome measures it hopes to achieve with patients.

For patients to become a part of the program, they must have a civil commitment status and the potential to benefit from community integration skill development. We will give priority to patients with longer lengths of stay and/or histories of multiple psychiatric hospitalizations.

Members of the Person-Directed Transition Team are charged with helping patients direct their own life and treatment goals. This includes developing patient skills to effectively cope with stress, manage their finances, take care of their health, and communicate and socialize effectively with others.

The team will offer patients the opportunity to access community resources, transportation and social support. It will also encourage patients to take part in volunteer, recreational and employment activities.

The Person-Directed Transition Team is composed of clinicians and will soon include peer recovery specialists. It will interact with treatment teams on a weekly basis through treatment referrals, clinical meetings and interdisciplinary treatment teams.

The team is accepting referrals at this time.

Diane Hass

Employment Specialist

Diane's portrait

Through community outreach and collaboration, Diane helps patients develop action plans related to their employment, education and volunteer interests.

Lara Medinger

Occupational Therapist

Lara's portrait

Lara helps patients make a meaningful and holistic transition from the hospital to their communities. She will address the cognitive, sensory and physical aspects of community transition with patients.

Linda Forbes

Transition Navigator

Linda's portrait

Linda provides administrative support to the team and collects data. She serves as the primary administrative contact and provides scheduling support.

Marie Watson

Person-Directed Planning Facilitator

Marie's portrait

Marie trains, supports, mentors and assists the team with person-directed planning approaches. She also helps create and facilitate person-directed plans for patients.

Rebecca Curtis

Director of Social Work and Person-Directed Transition Team (PDTT) Manager

Rebecca Curtis.jpg

Rebecca helps guide the team and solves problems as the program gets up and running. She also serves as a liaison between units, programs and the PDTT.


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