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Former hospital patient shares message of hope

Monday, October 29, 2018

Benjamin Purdy knew something was wrong when he started hearing voices at age 18, but instead of being afraid, he felt empowered.

“It was almost like a honeymoon period of my mental illness,” said Purdy, now 28. “It was like the voice of God was talking to me, and everything was positive. It wasn’t until two or three months later when it started to turn for the worse.”

That’s when the voices he heard began to talk in detail about the terrible things they planned to do to the people Purdy loved. Ignoring them didn’t help – neither did taking drugs.

But Purdy didn’t believe in the severity of his illness until he started a house fire that nearly killed him. That act led him to receive treatment at Oregon State Hospital, a last resort that gave him the tools he needed to get well.

“When I went through the hospital, I learned a lot about myself – what I was capable of, what I could handle emotionally and physically,” Purdy said. “I wanted to be better. Now, I feel like I’m alive again.”


For more information on Purdy’s journey to recovery, read the full story in the fall issue of the Recovery Times staff newsletter.


“Everything I went through changed me dramatically,” said Benjamin Purdy, a former Oregon State Hospital patient.

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