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OSH starts second round of vaccinations

Monday, February 1, 2021

​Austin Rose, a cook at Oregon State Hospital's Salem Campus, grew up not going to the hospital. He rarely gets sick, so he didn't think getting vaccinated for COVID-19 was necessary.  

Only after hearing how crucial vaccinations are to protect society from the virus did he change his mind.

“This is important," he said. “It was time to step up and get this done."

Rose was one of more than 480 OSH staff who were vaccinated at Oregon State Hospital's Salem Campus on Jan. 25. During the past month, more than 1,700 OSH staff and 350 patients have received their first vaccination, and more than 1,000 OSH staff have received their second vaccination. OSH is offering the vaccine to all OSH staff and patients who want it.

Many people at the clinics said they chose to get vaccinated to protect themselves, their patients and their loved ones. Some experienced minor side effects after the first dose — including pain at the injection site and a bump — but that didn't deter them from getting their second shot.

“I don't get the flu shot, but I got vaccinated for COVID," said Tony Guillen, a LEAN leader at the hospital. “This virus scares me. I don't want to die."

As for Kassie Patelesio, a licensed registered nurse, she did her homework before getting vaccinated. “My husband has major medical issues, and I'm getting vaccinated to protect him."

​The vaccination clinics are scheduled to continue at both the Salem and Junction City campuses through February. 

OSH is not offering vaccines to the public.



Austin Rose is one of over 1,700 OSH staff OSH staff who have received their first vaccination.

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