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Pharmacy Residency Research Projects

Matt Karow, Bio Portrait

Matt Karow, Pharm D.

Dr. Karow developed a pharmacist-led intervention protocol for critical drug interactions at Oregon State Hospital.

Kaja Wagner, Bio Portrait

Kaja Wagner, Pharm D.

Dr. Wagner reviewed Clozapine discontinuation and implemented a pharmacist-led Clozapine support service.

Joni Baker, Bio Portrait

Joni Baker, Pharm D.

Dr. Baker compared recidivism rates between different categories of antipsychotic drugs at Oregon State Hospital.

Amber Lorenzen, Bio Portrait

Amber Lorenzen, Pharm D.

Dr. Lorenzen researched the antipsychotic polypharmacy rates and prescribing habits after a policy implementation.

Albert Chira, Bio Portrait

Albert Chira, Pharm D.

Dr. Chira established a diabetes self-management education program at Oregon State Hospital.


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