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2016 Commuter Account FAQ

What's the deadline for 2016 Commuter account claim submissions to receive reimbursement?
Commuter participants in 2016 must submit 2016 expense claims to ASIFlex by Jan. 15, 2017.

  • Claims incurred in 2016 will be denied if they’re submitted after Jan. 15, 2017.
  • If a 2016 claim is denied, the account funds remain available for expenses incurred in the current plan year (2017) if the account remains active.
  • Monthly contributions for 2017 can be adjusted as needed.

Is there a maximum amount that I can claim each month?
You can be reimbursed for qualifying expenses incurred in one month only to the IRS-allowed limit: $255 per month for a Transportation Account and $255 per month for a Parking Account. Expenses must be “incurred or paid” before being reimbursed.

How do I file a claim for reimbursement?

PEBB contracts with ASIFlex to administer Commuter Accounts to ensure they align with federal tax code. Use the ASIFlex website for claim forms and administrative information.

How and When Can I change my Commuter Account?
It’s a good idea to make prospective changes to your monthly contribution amount when you anticipate a reduction in future monthly expenses. This allows you to keep your account in balance with no excess contribution.

You can enroll in a new account, terminate, or make changes to an existing account at any time during the year. To enroll, terminate, or change an account, complete the Commuter form available here and submit it to your agency or university.

Changes are prospective; they go into effect the first of the month following receipt of the form.

How do I End My Account?
Per IRS Code, there is no refund of dollars from these accounts.

  • If you decide to end an account and remain employed, you have 180 days to continue to use remaining funds for reimbursement of qualified expenses.
  • If you leave state employment, you will have access to your funds for 180 days, however only for reimbursement of valid claims incurred while you were an active employee. Unused funds will forfeit after 180 days.

Accounts with no activity for 180 days, meaning no contributions or reimbursements, will terminate and funds forfeit.

Questions? Contact your Agency Benefits Office or PEBB 503-373-1102 or

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